Understanding the Grain & Grit Surcharge

In support of the rising costs of employee benefits, Grain & Grit Collective will be adding a 4% surcharge to all checks at Carnitas’ Snack Shack Embarcadero and the Little Italy Food Hall Bar. We are doing this after much thought and consideration, and in effort to combat rising operational costs. Our goal is always to support our team members while still providing the most compelling guest experience possible. Rather than just raising all of our prices, we see the surcharge as a way to be as transparent as possible. It’s important to us that our guests understand we’re not doing this to improve our bottom line, but to help us improve the pay for all of our team members in both the front and the heart of house.

We know not everyone will like or agree with our solution, but we do hope that you will try to understand that we’re doing this to preserve the quality of experience you’ve come to expect from our restaurants, to avoid the elimination of jobs and the trend towards technological replacements, and above all to take care of our team members. If you have further questions, please contact kfitzgerald@grainandgritcollective.com.